Kindly acolyte of Dialia


Female Human Undying Light Warlock/Stone Sorcerer

Leora is a woman in her mid-20s with long brown hair. Her skin is pale, almost appearing to be made of marble (touching it in fact reveals her skin to be some sort of mineral). She is clad in the simple garb of a religious pilgrim and wears no armor. She is much more muscular than her initial appearance would suggest.


Leora is currently seeking five fellow religious pilgrims that she lost sight of during an attack by orc raiders. At the present, she knows that two of her friends are still alive. The location of one can be traced to a land of ice and snow (possibly in northern Vistria).
Dialia has blessed Leora with a fey companion, the owl Pallus. Although she disapproves of his excessive alcoholism, they get along well.
Leora also serves as the guardian of the plant spirit (currently a bud) that is helping protect the party from succumbing to astral radiation sickness.


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