Ronar Doland

Resident undead hunter and party animal


Male Human Paladin of Vengeance/Barbarian

Ronar is a tall man, wearing what appears to be a mechanized suit of platemail. He wields a longsword in one hand and uses his empty hand to deliver crushing blows to his foes.


Ronar was raised in the Craftsman Guild, but his idyllic youth would end when he accepted an unusual request. He was asked to craft an imposing suit of platemail emblazoned with the symbol of Kas in return for a lofty sum. He did so out of greed, and contacted the buyer when it was finished. Ronar woke to his guild ransacked and his fellow craftsmen (including his father) killed by the buyer, a vampire with an S-shaped scar. Ronar’s compensation for the armor was his life.
Ronar still hunts for the killer of his father and guild members and hates the undead. He finds his enjoyment in drinking copious amounts of alcohol and bedding (or trying to at least) women. In these pursuits, he finds an unlikely friend in Pallus.

Ronar Doland

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