The Encroaching Tide

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Session 4
"The Orcslayer"

Matthew accepts the challenge of the orc leader, but wants mutually accepted terms of non-interference and non-lethal combat before the bout begins. The orc consents and the battle unfolds. Matthew manages to avoid hit after hit through the use of his armor and potent shielding magic, but the few that do slip through nearly fell him. On the other hand, the orc leader is far easier to land blows on, but seems to have a nearly unlimited supply of stamina, shrugging off blow after blow. In the end, Matthew is left standing, heavily wounded, but still the winner. After both combatants receive some stabilizing healing, the orc introduces himself as Kah Marp. He leaves, as promised, but not before giving Leora a suspicious glare after realizing who her holy symbol belongs to. Matthew, christened "The Orcslayer" is hailed a hero by Corso's Cavern, and the celebrations and toasts to the Orcslayer's victory continue into the next morning. 

After a few more days, the party is prepared to leave for the Diamond Coast. Accompanying them is Tarn, a cleric of Moradin, and Ingram Greypike, dwarven archaeologist. Greypike explains it was he who found the first magical spoon, in an old dwarven bunker in Tarq. The party is given a description of Belloq so they can recognize him: a middle-aged dwarf with a black braided beard, potbelly, and a burn on the right side of his face. As the party's wagon is wheeling out of the city, a dwarf comes scrambling after them. Supervisor Barrett, now going by the moniker Daggerface, expresses his interest in becoming an adventurer after his "grim and dark experiences" in the mines with the drow. He is reluctantly welcomed aboard. 

En route, Averyn manages to catch a jackalope and affix the creature's horns to the head of the wolf hood on her cloak. The party is also accosted by two armored trolls along the road. They are dealt with easily and cremated, leaving only their indestructible jaws (which are left behind, as they are rumored to be bad luck) and a magical cloak of temporary fire immunity. Distressingly, the troll's (relative) intelligence, seen by the use of armor and magic items, might be suggestive of someone organizing bands of trolls in Tarq. Tarn and Greypike talk about various topics during the journey. It comes out that Greypike is not as religious as he used to be, citing the decreasing involvement of the divine powers in the lives of their mortal followers. He broaches the topic of the same god being worshipped under different names by different cultures, which Tarn is frankly offended by. They also discuss eldritch eyes, components drawn from aberrant creatures used as a catalyst for teleportation or plane-shifting magic. Even if eyes were readily available, only a few in the world have the skill to even cast that level of magic. The Don's personal wizard, Ironveins, is cited as one. Other names mentioned include a Crystalfood and a Seagram. 

The party eventually arrives at a large mound that is guarded by several dwarves that serve Don Horatio, the dwarven lord that controls the land the ruins rest on. Deluvian kuo toa recently overran the ruins, and a band of Illuvian kuo toa have arrived to reinforce the dwarves (who generally aren't happy with any kuo toa being there). The party speaks with the head of the Illuvians, Muro of House Scrovo, who mentions that upwards of 10 hostile kuo toa are inside. 

The ruins belonged to the Yatarans, a long extinct race that is depicted as gnome-like in appearance. The massive entry hall has two active warforged, moving about and tidying up the room. One introduces itself as Temple-1. It mentions that it last saw the Yatarans 700 years ago and that it recently powered on a few months ago due to the stasis chamber holding the warforged powering down. 

Session 3
Melee a Trois

The party and their kuo toa clients, Bob and Volbo, are attacked by the Warbonders en masse. However, several other kuo toa allied with Bob, hidden under their racial invisibility cloaks, become visible and join in the fray. To complicate matters, another group of kuo toa make an appearance. This new group are Deluvians, as indicated by their black armor. The battle is chaotic and fierce, with the Deluvian leader making use of a grappling vine (called a Ripvine Tube) to interrupt the party's troop formations. But at the end of the day, the party emerges victorious. There are no losses among the Illuvians, and the leaders of both the Warbond and Deluvians are captured. Bob expresses his thanks and parts ways with the party. 

On the way back, the party encounters an older man who is also journeying to Corso's Cavern. He introduces himself as Darren, an aged warrior who venerates Marduk. He plans on bequeathing his arms and armor to his son, a merchant, in the city. He regales the party with tales from his past, such as a murderer who copied the methods of a kuo toa monitor, but was found dead himself under unknown circumstances. He also tells the Legend of the Smith, detailing the formation of the original human kingdoms of Vistria, Yerandi, and Korstraad. Everyone rests for the night, and when the party wakes the next day, they find Darren dead, having passed away from old age. His possessions amount to a magical longsword and breastpate, 22 silver coins, and a bronze bracelet with Marduk's holy symbol. 

Upon reaching Corso's Cavern, Darren's body is turned over to the temple of Marduk, stylized as a large sparring ring with armored priests holding bouts. The head priest details the significance of the bronze band that Darren held – the worshippers of Marduk are given bands of bronze, iron, or adamantine to indicate their status among their peers. Darren's son and family are found and they hold a funeral for the old man. Leora offers the son ten platinum coins to help tide him and his family over in their time of grief. 

The party then meets with Don DiCorso and gives him the spoon acquired from Bob. He is pleased, and mentions that the third spoon was to be retrieved by his steward Belloq from ancient ruins along the Diamond Coast. It has been a month since Belloq was supposed to have returned and the Don fears the worst; he wants the party to investigate and retrieve the spoon. He irons out the contract between himself and the Anderson family for the sale of spoons in Vistria. He gives the party a few days while he gathers supplies for an expedition; he also promises a dwarven cleric and a skilled archaeologist will join them for the journey. 

The party splits up and takes care of personal business. Leora learns of pilgrims of Dialia passing through Gruel as of late. She also learns that some wandering orcs have allegedly acquired a religious relic taken from a pilgrim (around the Iron Sea). Matthew asks Leora about the town of RowRo in Vistria, which housed an orphanage where Leora grew up. A tarot card in Averyn's possession changes its image to an elven woman who looks like Averyn being pulled away from a reaching hand. Ronar, after several past efforts, manages to bed a dwarven barmaid (with the help of Pallus). 

As the party relaxes in their usual watering hole, The Hefty Barmaid, a panicked dwarf runs in calling for help. A band of orcs is approaching the town, and are presently right outside the town gates. The party goes to investigate and finds three imposing figures waiting. One is on horseback, wearing a worn red robe. Another is on foot, with rippling muscles but no weapons or armor to speak of. The third one, also on foot, stands almost at 8 feet tall. He wears mail made of chitin and carries a greataxe, hammer, and greatsword (the latter of eladrin make). The armored one, likely the leader or "Kah," demands three barrels of water, three fresh horses, and a magic food-generating spoon in exchange for sparing the town. However, on a whim, he offers to fight someone in single combat – if Corso's champion wins, the orcs leave the town be. Before anyone can stop him, Matthew jumps down the town walls and accepts the challenge. 

Session 2
Burning Trees and Magic Spoons

The party is confronted by Kavarn, leader of the drow miners and enslaver of the abraxin. The source of smoke is also confirmed – a large tree that is being burned by the drow. A quick but vicious battle commences, with the hoard of freed abraxin ultimately turning on their oppressor and goring him to death. The tree is a spirit from the Shadowfell, and has been calling out for help. The party puts out the fire and in turn is given several healing flowers by the grateful spirit (christened Treeman Blueflower by Ronar). The party exists the mines, bringing along a drow captive, as the portal to the Fell closes behind them. 

Malone, the dwarf supervising the mining crisis, greets us as we exit. He explains that Supervisor Barrett made it out safely, though physically scarred from his encounter with the drow. The prisoner, a male drow named La'Vish, is interrogated afterwards. He mentions that Kavarn was blessed by Bilbaal, goddess of the Diluvian kuo toa, by committing slaughter in her name (and several other drow have turned to her for power). However, the drow interest in the mine was purely financial. La'Vish, as a member of the mining company Klaveen Enco ("Far Reaching Grasp"), has extensive mining experience; it is proposed that he works in the mines as compensation for his actions and he reluctantly consents. 

The next day, Don DiCorso summons the party to his mansion, where they are greeted by Magister Redstone. After some small talk, the Don shows them a magic spoon that can create a bland but nourishing gruel when swirled in water. He plans on selling the spoon in his possession, as well as two others yet to be acquired, to Vistria. He reasons that with the refugee crisis there, selling even at a smaller profit margin will earn him enough goodwill to enrich his trading opportunities. Matthew suggests cutting an exclusive trade deal with his father, Lord Anderson, which the Don consents to. Don DiCorso then offers a hefty sum for the party to retrieve the second spoon from a mysterious buyer. The party agrees and heads out. Before she leaves, Leora hears musings of a band of orcs causing some havoc in the region. 

En route to the meeting spot, the party is accosted by a larger-than-usual sparrow, which seems to be beckoning them somewhere. Despite realizing the sparrow is an illusion and suspecting a trap, they follow where it leads. They find a clearing, recently made, by an ancient warforged of massive size. After questioning the diligently laboring creature, they discover it was constructed by the Yataran Empire over 1000 years ago and follows set programming by cyclically chopping down trees and going into dormancy for 50 years. The source of the illusionary bird, an odd shrub, empathically communicates to the party for help against the destruction the warforged is causing in the sacred grove. The durable warforged is destroyed and found to be partially constructed of adamantine. As thanks for rescuing it, the plant offers a single seed, which Leora accepts.

The party reaches the designated meeting spot for the spoon exchange to be met with two kuo toa. Bob is the point of contact, while Volbo is his muscle; both identify as Illudian kuo toa and are opposed to the Delluvian conquest. As the exchange is happening, Bob is targeted with a faerie fire spell as a group of humanoids (elves, gnomes and humans) attack, crying "For the Warbond!" The Warbond is a play on the Peacebond that represents the tenuous peace between surface dwellers and the Delluvians; Warbonders are indiscriminate terrorists who enchange in guerilla tactics and have no regard for civilians. 

Session 1
Smoke in the Mines

The players, traveling independently to Corso's Cavern, encounter the caravan of Maline Stoneheart, a dwarven merchant, being attacked by several emaciated bears. After killing the bears, the newly formed party escorts Maline to their mutual destination. There, they meet the leader of the town, a dwarf named Don DiCorso, who expresses his thanks for protecting traveling merchants.

The next day,  the party sees large clouds of smoke billowing from the mines. Upon investigation, the party finds that the dwarven miners have cleared out. Two miners, Antonio and Mallow, explain that they don't know what happened and that another dwarf, Supervisor Barrett, is unaccounted for. Traveling through the mines, the party finds an injured Barrett, who they help escape. As they delve deeper, following the source of the smoke, the party fights several groups of drow. Their presence is indicative of the fact that a portal to the Shadowfell has opened within the mines. Several goat-like humanoids, abraxins, were found serving as slave laborers for the leader of the drow, named Kavarn. Through persuasion, Averyn was able to convice the abraxin to revolt against their masters and help storm Kavarn's inner chambers. 


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