The Encroaching Tide

Session 2

Burning Trees and Magic Spoons

The party is confronted by Kavarn, leader of the drow miners and enslaver of the abraxin. The source of smoke is also confirmed – a large tree that is being burned by the drow. A quick but vicious battle commences, with the hoard of freed abraxin ultimately turning on their oppressor and goring him to death. The tree is a spirit from the Shadowfell, and has been calling out for help. The party puts out the fire and in turn is given several healing flowers by the grateful spirit (christened Treeman Blueflower by Ronar). The party exists the mines, bringing along a drow captive, as the portal to the Fell closes behind them. 

Malone, the dwarf supervising the mining crisis, greets us as we exit. He explains that Supervisor Barrett made it out safely, though physically scarred from his encounter with the drow. The prisoner, a male drow named La'Vish, is interrogated afterwards. He mentions that Kavarn was blessed by Bilbaal, goddess of the Diluvian kuo toa, by committing slaughter in her name (and several other drow have turned to her for power). However, the drow interest in the mine was purely financial. La'Vish, as a member of the mining company Klaveen Enco ("Far Reaching Grasp"), has extensive mining experience; it is proposed that he works in the mines as compensation for his actions and he reluctantly consents. 

The next day, Don DiCorso summons the party to his mansion, where they are greeted by Magister Redstone. After some small talk, the Don shows them a magic spoon that can create a bland but nourishing gruel when swirled in water. He plans on selling the spoon in his possession, as well as two others yet to be acquired, to Vistria. He reasons that with the refugee crisis there, selling even at a smaller profit margin will earn him enough goodwill to enrich his trading opportunities. Matthew suggests cutting an exclusive trade deal with his father, Lord Anderson, which the Don consents to. Don DiCorso then offers a hefty sum for the party to retrieve the second spoon from a mysterious buyer. The party agrees and heads out. Before she leaves, Leora hears musings of a band of orcs causing some havoc in the region. 

En route to the meeting spot, the party is accosted by a larger-than-usual sparrow, which seems to be beckoning them somewhere. Despite realizing the sparrow is an illusion and suspecting a trap, they follow where it leads. They find a clearing, recently made, by an ancient warforged of massive size. After questioning the diligently laboring creature, they discover it was constructed by the Yataran Empire over 1000 years ago and follows set programming by cyclically chopping down trees and going into dormancy for 50 years. The source of the illusionary bird, an odd shrub, empathically communicates to the party for help against the destruction the warforged is causing in the sacred grove. The durable warforged is destroyed and found to be partially constructed of adamantine. As thanks for rescuing it, the plant offers a single seed, which Leora accepts.

The party reaches the designated meeting spot for the spoon exchange to be met with two kuo toa. Bob is the point of contact, while Volbo is his muscle; both identify as Illudian kuo toa and are opposed to the Delluvian conquest. As the exchange is happening, Bob is targeted with a faerie fire spell as a group of humanoids (elves, gnomes and humans) attack, crying "For the Warbond!" The Warbond is a play on the Peacebond that represents the tenuous peace between surface dwellers and the Delluvians; Warbonders are indiscriminate terrorists who enchange in guerilla tactics and have no regard for civilians. 


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