Alcoholic owl familiar of Leora


Tiny fey (takes the shape of an owl)

Pallus has white-grey plumage and has an odd response to moments of stress, changing his appearance. He can puff up his tail feathers to appear much larger than he actually is. Alternatively, he can slim his profile and adopt an intimidating appearance, complete with intimidating glare.
Pallus enjoys his vices, perhaps to excess. He is very fond of alcoholic beverages, as well as pleasures of the flesh (perhaps due to the influence of Dialia). Despite being only able to communicate in “hoots” to everyone but Leora, most get the gist of what he’s saying.


As a created spirit, Pallus has little in the way of a background prior to being conjured by Leora. However, he has developed a rapport with Ronar due to their mutual interests. He also serves as the point of communication between the spirit bud and Leora, though he can be frustrating to deal with in that regard (having been guilty of asking if the bud knew any attractive spirits he could hit up).


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