The Encroaching Tide

Session 1

Smoke in the Mines

The players, traveling independently to Corso's Cavern, encounter the caravan of Maline Stoneheart, a dwarven merchant, being attacked by several emaciated bears. After killing the bears, the newly formed party escorts Maline to their mutual destination. There, they meet the leader of the town, a dwarf named Don DiCorso, who expresses his thanks for protecting traveling merchants.

The next day,  the party sees large clouds of smoke billowing from the mines. Upon investigation, the party finds that the dwarven miners have cleared out. Two miners, Antonio and Mallow, explain that they don't know what happened and that another dwarf, Supervisor Barrett, is unaccounted for. Traveling through the mines, the party finds an injured Barrett, who they help escape. As they delve deeper, following the source of the smoke, the party fights several groups of drow. Their presence is indicative of the fact that a portal to the Shadowfell has opened within the mines. Several goat-like humanoids, abraxins, were found serving as slave laborers for the leader of the drow, named Kavarn. Through persuasion, Averyn was able to convice the abraxin to revolt against their masters and help storm Kavarn's inner chambers. 


kushal_c_rao kushal_c_rao

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